Winner of RAN’s 2010 Earth Day Poster Contest!

By Rainforest Action Network

Congratulations to the Winner of Rainforest Action Network’s

2010 Earth Day Poster Contest:

Name: Kayla Smith
Grade: 6th
Teacher: Amy Cole
School: Thompkins Middle School
Location: Evansville, IN


Congratulations to Brandon and our Honorable Mentions below!  Everybody who participated in RAN’s 2010 Earth Day Poster Contest is a winner. Why? Because when the planet wins we all win . Please view all of these wonderful posters created by kids and youth that are making a difference. The winning poster’s class will receive a $75 gift certificate for materials or a class party.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the poster contest. We received over 60 entries and over 400 posters! Every poster had a powerful message, and together, these youth are making a huge difference for our world’s rainforests. Many of the posters had messages about protecting the last 20 percent of the planet’s remaining rainforests and their endangered inhabitants like orangutans and Sumatran tigers. Many of the posters also called on one of America’s most famous cereal brands, General Mills, to stop destroying rainforests for palm oil. Youth in Minneapolis delivered these posters to General Mills on Wednesday, April 28 in honor of youth working together for Earth Day from around the world. We have uploaded photos of this delivery to our online gallery.

Together, we can help General Mills to remember what’s really important: our future. Thanks for voting! Stay involved with our campaign by signing up for updates at

View an of more incredible Earth Day Posters.

Honorable Mentions:

Name: Amina
Teacher: Kirsten Butler
School: Mill Creek Middle School
Location: Dexter, MI

Teacher: M. Martin’s Art Class
Grade: 3rd & 4th
School: Ventnor Elementary School
Location: Ventnor, NJ

Name: Cameron Cox
Teacher: Mrs. Parson
Grade: 3rd
School: Ashley Hall School

Teacher: Suzan Yildez
Grade: 3rd
Location: San Francisco, CA