Win for Indonesia’s Rainforests is in the Bag!

By Rainforest Action Network

I am happy to announce that forests continue to be this year’s fashion trend. Just this week, PAK 2000, packaging supplier to fashion’s finest companies, including Versace, Coach, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs, has rejected rainforest destruction!

PAK 2000 announced that they will cut all financial ties with their majority shareholder Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), likely the biggest destroyer of Indonesian rainforests, by the end of 2009. Additionally, they are working with RAN to develop and implement a leadership paper policy that preferences recycled and FSC certified paper and phases out all controversial and high conservation value forest fiber, including all fiber from Indonesia, from its paper products within 180 days.

Photo: Greenpeace Indonesia
Photo: Greenpeace Indonesia

Thanks to all of you for your support in making Indonesian rainforest protection this year’s fashion trend. From PAK 2000’s move away from APP to the paper policies of Gucci Group, Tiffany’s & Co., Ferragamo, H&M Group, and more, the fashion industry is taking tangible and positive steps for Indonesian rainforests and the climate!

This victory is a key milestone in our continuing work to protect Indonesia’s rainforests and expose one of the world’s biggest forest and climate criminals, Asia Pulp and Paper and its parent company Sinar Mas Group.

Stay tuned for what comes next!