What’s In YOUR Paper?

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People call the RAN office all the time asking for paper purchasing advice. We tell people that our office uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper from New Leaf Paper, and that they should look for paper that is also 100% post consumer recycled, preferably not chlorine bleached. If they can’t find such paper, we encourage folks to do the best they can – look for the highest post-consumer recycled content possible, or a stamp from the Forest Stewardship Council (a forest products certifier that has pretty high standards.) Unfortunately we don’t usually offer much more guidance than that.

Until now! From now on we will direct people to the new website, whatsinyourpaper.com, that just launched this month and is a great resource for individuals and larger organizations or corporations who want to purchase responsible paper products. This site features a toolkit for paper purchasers, a guide of the degrees of responsibly produced paper, features on the latest campaigns targeting paper companies, and links to a blog featuring the latest updates in the paper world.

So – the next time you are wondering about your paper consumption, feel free to call us, but we will just refer you to whatsinyourpaper.com!