Wells Fargo Round Up In Fort Worth, Texas

posted by scott parkin

written by cri in Ft Worth, Texas

yahoo! we celebrated Earth Day last Saturday with a good old fashioned ‘brandin’, where instead of branding a cow we in fact branded a company with a nice big insignia of ‘stink’. Wells Fargo will continue ripping on the environment unless folks know what they’re up to. We made it our business on Earth Day to let their customers know about Wells Fargo’s negligence in their loans, thereby ruining environmental efforts to respect this planet we all share.
We read a list of demands for wells fargo on a bullhorn for 2 hours and had many of their customers come speak with us and take information about the website DirtyMoney.org. It was great being with some of my friends and spending our day exposing wells fargo.
Everyday is Earth day and I look forward to helping save some of this world or dancing in the ashes of a new one. The earth will continue, with or without us. Onward, Upward! cri nobody