This New Spoof Chevron Video Is Funny Because, Sadly, It’s All Too True

posted by Rainforest Action Network
Chevron is lame still

The hits just keep on coming! This new spoof Chevron TV ad is absolutely hilarious.

It’s too bad our contest is over, because this new video, created by Trouble and Maker in association with Smart Bubble Society, would have been a strong contender.

Unfortunately, much of the humor falls in the “it’s funny because it’s true” category.

CHEVRON is lame
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Chevron loves to tout its investments in renewable energies, but conveniently leaves out the fact that those investments are seriously small potatoes compared to the $26 BILLION the company plans to invest in its oil business next year. Nor does the company mention other inconvenient facts about its renewable energy projects, like the fact that the energy produced by its Project Brightfield solar plant is used to power its Kern River Heavy Oil Extraction Facility — in other words, Chevron is using solar energy to power one of the most expensive, polluting, and energy-intensive types of oil extraction around.

Just as the fake Chevron PR hack says in the video, Chevron is leading the deepwater drilling charge in our post-BP oil spill world. It was recently announced that Chevron will spend $7.5 billion on one of the largest deepwater drilling projects in U.S. history. The Houston Chronicle described the project as “a massive floating city” of drilling rigs, all located about 280 miles southwest of New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico. This is especially troubling because we’re talking about Chevron, a company that was recently responsible for three oil spills in the space of one week.

All of which points out just why this new video — so aptly titled “Chevron is lame” — is such brilliant satire. It’s up on right now, and has a 100% funny rating so far. Why not click on over and help keep it that way?