It’s time to level up on Chase

By Ruth Breech

In March, we exposed the 60 banks that have poured $3.8 trillion into fossil fuel financing: Can you guess who’s ranked the world’s WORST funder of fossil fuels? 

JPMorgan Chase = the #1 WORST bankroller of climate chaos. 

They’ve poured a whopping $317 billion into fossil fuels over the last 5 years, 33% more than any other bank. JPMorgan Chase hasn’t just fallen short to respond to the climate crisis, it has escalated the chaos by bankrolling fossil fuels.

Thanks to the frontline, Indigenous, and supporter efforts, we’ve sent Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, and his team of executives over a hundred thousand emails, called them thousands of times, and shown up to dozens of Chase branches to get them to this point. But they still haven’t taken bold enough action to get us out of this crisis.

Meet the Chase Executives Who Put Profits over People

We know that Chase isn’t just a building filled with money bankrolling fossil fuels, there are people making the decisions to destroy the climate. 

These Executive Officers have the power to pull the plug on Chase’s fossil fuel financing. And when Chase Bank profits from fossil fuels that are literally stoking the flames of the climate crisis, so does every Executive on this list. 

They’re profiting off of people losing their homes from extreme weather disasters, Indigenous communities fighting pipelines that would contaminate their land and water, and animals coming closer to extinction due to loss of habitat.

We need more than vague commitments about what Chase might do in 30 years — we need to see meaningful climate action NOW. So we’re amping up the pressure on these Chase Executives and demanding they do better for people and planet.

Meet the executives of destruction and send them a quick message to do better and create a livable future for the climate and everyone who depends on it.

Send a Message to Chase Executives

Ashley Bacon: Chief Risk Officer

Odds are Bacon intentionally keeps a very low public profile to avoid facing the people impacted by pipelines and the climate chaos that Chase fuels.

He knows fossil fuels are endangered and needs to be pressured to defund climate chaos and choose people over profits.


Daniel Pinto: CEO of the Corporate and Investment Bank

Pinto is apparently not a fan of a liveable climate, being in charge of financing for large corporations, like major fossil fuel companies. 

He hunts for profits in packs with fossil fuel companies like TC Energy, formally of the Keystone Pipeline.


Douglas Petno: Head of Commercial Banking

Petno could take over as CEO of Chase & have the chance to stop fossil fuel financing.

Petno appears to care about the planet, as a Board Member for the Nature Conservancy, but the proof would be in real climate action at Chase.


Gordon Smith: CEO of Consumer & Community Banking

Smith is in charge of small, individual accounts and small businesses, so in theory, he cares what consumers think.

His executive species isn’t endangered yet but will be when more young people stop opening accounts and new branches see more protests against its fossil fuel financing, they might be.


Jennifer Piepszak: Chief Financial Officer

Piepszak is seen as one of the prime candidates to take over as CEO, with the potential to stop the flow of fossil fuels and the destruction of the climate.


Marianne Lake: Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Lending

Lake is a Chase CEO contender and noted technological innovator.

While she’s focused on business as usual, a movement is exposing her and other executives for financing devastating fossil fuel companies and projects.


Mary Callahan Erdoes: Chief Executive Officer of Asset & Wealth Management

Well, well, wealth. Erdoes runs the asset and wealth management arm Chase—the line of business that serves very wealthy individual clients…and usually no one else.

She was the only woman to complete a mathematics major at Georgetown at that time she attended, so this math should be simple: $Billions + Fossil Fuels = Climate destruction and an unlivable future.


Peter Scher: Head of Corporate Responsibility, and Chairman of the Mid-Atlantic Region

Scher is a lone wolf of CEO Jamie Dimon’s inner circle, the only exec who oversees sustainable finance and corporate social responsibility. 

It’s unclear whether Scher knows that sustainability means no financing for fossil fuel expansion.

He’s often interviewed around the foundation’s work revitalizing cities, funding programs, and supporting entrepreneurs of color, all while the bank also destroys communities with fossil fuel projects and pollution. (Two-faced much, Chase?)


Last week, Chase set out 2030 targets for reducing its impact on the climate — and they’re BAD. For oil and gas, they’re trying to get away with producing slightly cleaner fossil fuels instead of cutting them completely. That’s like diluting poison but still making more of it. When your biggest fossil clients are TC Energy and ExxonMobil, that’s not going to cut it. 

JPMorgan Chase has a long way to go, but it wouldn’t have taken even this baby step without you speaking out.

Thank you for moving Chase this far, now let’s get the worst banker of climate chaos to ditch all fossil fuel financing and end support for projects and companies implicated in human rights abuses.