The True Cost of Chevron

By Rainforest Action Network

Cross-posted from The San Francisco Chronicle.

In advance of Chevron’s annual shareholder meeting in Houston next week, a damning report of the oil giant’s global operations was just released. The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report was written by contributors from 16 countries and 10 states where Chevron’s business is wreaking havoc on local communities, the environment, and our climate.

If you live in California like I do, you probably know that Chevron is the Golden State’s largest corporation, but did you know that Chevron is the 5th largest corporation on the planet? And, while they have spent millions on advertising campaigns to convince the public they are a different kind of “energy” company, the fact is Chevron’s investments in alternative energy are dropping (Ecuador, Australia, and the Gulf Coast inside Chevron’s shareholder meeting on Wednesday. They will share their stories and ask Chevron’s Board members and CEO John Watson to do the right thing and stop destroying their communities.

I will be doing a series of interviews with these courageous leaders next week. Tune in to learn and listen to the people who are bearing the real costs of Chevron’s global business.