Take action for food sovereignty on January 26th

posted by Josh Ran

On Saturday, January 26th, the Rainforest Agribusiness campaign will be joining hundreds of thousands of people across the world in a day of action being called by the World Social Forum.

Along with Via Campesina–a global farmers’ movement that represents over 100 million farmers around the world–and other organizations worldwide, the rainforest agribusiness campaign is going to demand an end to the corporate control of our food and fuel system and make the call for Food Sovereignty.

On Saturday morning, we are going to set up at the San Francisco Ferry Building farmers market, and have the public at the market send photo messages to the CEO’s of ADM, Bunge, and Cargill. It will look like this:

jan-26th-action-mock-pictures-001.jpg jan-26th-action-mock-pictures-003.jpgjan-26th-action-mock-pictures-007.jpgjan-26th-action-mock-pictures-004.jpgjan-26th-action-mock-pictures-008.jpgjan-26th-action-mock-pictures-012.jpgjan-26th-action-mock-pictures-014.jpgjan-26th-action-mock-pictures-016.jpgjan-26th-action-mock-pictures-019.jpgjan-26th-action-mock-pictures-021.jpg

Join us in showing US Agribusiness that we support local, sustainable agriculture, family farmers, organic produce, biodiversity, and food sovereignty!! All you need is a white board, some pens, a camera, some messages/slogans, and people. Check out the sample messages below.

When you’re done taking photo messages, go to yousendit.com, and send your pictures to Andrea at andrea@ran.org. It is super easy. We’ll send out a follow up email with your pictures and updates the week after the action. Also, we’ll be sure to send your photos and any stories you want to share to ADM, Bunge, and Cargill!

Why are we calling for this? Because people’s lives depend on it. Our globalized food system, and the increasing push for industrial-scale agrofuels, is pushing people off their land around the world and depriving small farmers, Indigneous communities, and millions of people everywhere from access to land and resources to grow their food. This system also continues to make nutritious food inaccessible to many low income people and people of color.

Join us on Saturday, January 26th in sending the CEO’s of ADM, Bunge, and Cargill a photo message. If you have any questions or want to tell us about an action that you are planning, please contact Andrea at 415-659-0540 (andrea@ran.org) or Bria at 415-659-0543 (bria@ran.org). Sample messages include:

• Support food sovereignty!
• No rainforest for biodiesel (or agrofuels)
• Support farmer’s markets, not agribusinesses!
• I support the rights of small farmers
• I support local economies.
• Food sovereignty now!
• Local food sovereignty, not corporate profits.
• Stop with the pesticide madness!
• Workers rights for small farmers everywhere.