Rainforest Ag’s Stickering Day of Action

posted by Josh Ran

Over 500 products have been identified on TheProblemWithPalmOil.org, and we are getting ready to transition to the next phase of our campaign: Putting pressure on the companies to get rainforest destruction out of their products.

And we’re really gonna need your help, come August 13th.

Here’s what were up to: Our fabulous campaign interns– Peter, Aja, and Kate– have been working hard to put the finishing touches on the company list, and to sleuth out all of the contact info for all of these companies. In the next weeks, the Ag team will be sending them all letters, asking them to stop using palm oil until there is a truly responsible source, and to commit to putting pressure on ADM and Cargill to create more responsible palm oil.

Now we need your help. These companies need to know that the consumers who use their products care about rainforest destruction, and don’t want to see it in the products that they use every day. That is why we have printed over 15,000 warning labels, reading “Warning: May Contain Rainforest Destruction”, with our URL, TheProblemWithPalmOil.org. We want everyone who makes a purchases with palm oil in it to know that rainforests are being destroyed for their product.

On August 13th, we are going to ask you to gather your friends and join us in our Stickering Day of Action! It’s time to visit your supermarkets, stickers in hand, and label the products that contain rainforest destruction in the form of palm oil. And, of course, give them something to do about it.

Watch your email for an action alert and a chance to sign up for a stickering tool kit soon!

This day of action, and the media that we plan to work hard to get around it, will show the companies that use palm oil that consumers do really care about ensuring that human rights and the environment are respected, and that we are willing to take action. This will be the pressure that we need to get companies to sign on to our palm oil pledge, and to put pressure on ADM and Cargill, who are the reason the palm oil is there in the first place.

So, save that date, August 13th.