More Texas Green Scare: From Revolutionary to Rat

posted by scott parkin

So, my friends and community back in Austin have been dealt a hard blow the past few months by a former comrade of theirs, Brandon Darby, turning FBI informant. brandon-dark-pic

I blogged on this a few weeks ago, but more has come out and I wanted to share it.

Also, to put it in context of climate and environmental activism I regularly blog on here, these are all climate justice advocates who risked their lives to bring relief and solidarity to New Orleans in the dark days after Hurricane Katrina. Not only did the Bush administration fail to evacuate residents of New Orleans, properly house them after the fact or protect them from white racist militias gunning down African-Americans throughout the city, but instead use their resources to spy on the organizers who actually did something.

Anyway, my friend Scott Crow had initially spoke out against accusations that Brandon Darby was an informant, but has now put out another statement about it.

The Austin Chronicle published a long and detailed account of the Brandon Darby story titled “From Revolutionary to rat:The uneasy journey of Brandon Darby.” Please check it out.

Also check out a website created by the Austin Informant Working Group as a clearinghouse for Brandon Darby info.