Make Polar Bears Happy for Polar Bear Day

They can't fight climate change without our help!

posted by Monica Schrock

Today is International Polar Bear Day. You know, those beautiful white bears in the Arctic?

Well, you also know that they’re in trouble. You’ve seen the photos of malnourished polar bears, you’ve seen the direct impact climate change is having on these amazing, almost fantasy-like animals. But their reality is far from a fairy tale. The planet is warming, their habitat is disappearing, and their way of life is becoming impossible.

Polar Bears have been given a spotlight because their story is tragic, but they’re the tip of the iceberg of species suffering from a warming planet.

From Polar bears to Pangolins to Pika, all of their lives depend on stopping the climate crisis, and we need your support to fight for them.

Donate to help them survive!

But where do we start? The answer might surprise you: big banks.

Polar Bears and banks may seem like an unlikely pair, but one holds the other’s life in its hands. Big banks invest in fossil fuel projects that extract resources from the Earth, disrupting habitats and burning harmful substances, leading to climate deterioration and deforestation.

Species are suffering from big banks’ greed, but the same banks are the key to stopping the senseless loss of animals all over the world. Rainforest Action Network is leading the fight to hold banks accountable for the climate crisis. We’ve followed the money to its source and we’ve shown the world the most effective way to combat climate chaos: by shutting off investments in fossil fuels forever.

Support the polar bears!

We need your support to stand up against some of the wealthiest and biggest corporations in the world: Big Banks. We won’t stand by and lose Polar Bears to the greed and destruction caused by these banks and powerholders.

Help us save Polar Bears, and all species threatened by climate change. Help us go toe-to-toe with Big Banks to defund climate change.

For people, planet, and polar bears!