Live Blog: Every Chevron Station in San Francisco Shut Down

posted by Rainforest Action Network

2:26- Teams just made a special delivery to Chevron CEO John Watson’s House.

2:02- Taking a break and watching all the photos from around the world on on the largest day of climate action in history.

1:05- Things shifting and calming down at Howard St, but i have a feeling this day isn’t over!

12:45- Just overhead passer-by say to a perturbed customer  “they are doing good work actually. Glad someone is”. We are too!

12:41-Flickr gallery is up with photos coming in from all the stations in San Francisco. Check the out HERE

12:30- Activists report via twitter all 6 pumps down a Howard Chevron station! @RisingTideNA: 6 pumps shut down @ #chevron @ 9th & Howard #101010 #350ppm

12:29- Dance party going strong outside Howard station

12:00- Waiting for a few more updates from other stations, but a critical mass is coming together at the mega-Chevron on Howard street in San Francisco for the main event. We’ll have pics really soon.

11:50- Van Ness station getting a good cleaning, exposing Chevron’s dirty underbelly! Get to work Chevron!

11:44- Another Chevron gas station in need of a good scrubbing at 1000 Harrison st in San Francisco.

11:36- Quote of the day! “I agree Chevron does suck” – Chevron station manager (but we’ll never tell which one)

11:30- pics rollin’ in

11:26 Chevron on Harrison st just got closed for clean-up!

11:04- Another on bites the dust. Crews are at the Chevron gas station at 1601 Mission St in San Francisco cleaning up, and telling Chevron “it’s time to get to work! The rest of the world already is. 10/10/10.

11:01-From our crew in Layfyette CA (CEO John Watson’s neighborhood)— “A cleaning crew just started at Chevron CEO’s home station asking him to get to work cleaning up his dirty energy”. Kick Line Yeah!

10:59- Surprise John Watson you may not be in San Francisco but we’re watching. A Crew just arrived and shut down the Chevron CEO’s hometown station. He lives just a few block down. We’re make sure he gets the message today!

10:40- …And we’re off. Crews are arriving at the first stations in San Francisco. Chevron’s about to receive a clear message “We’re tired of you polluting and running on communities, and we’re done with your obstruction of clean energy solutions! We’re getting to work today, and it’s high time you got to work too!”

Right now RAN is shutting down Chevron stations across San Francisco, and we’re live blogging updates here all day long! So make sure to check back regularly for updates from our clean-up crews in the filed

Rainforest Action Network has sent clean-up crews to all 10 Chevron gas stations in the city of San Francisco today, Sunday, in conjunction with’s 10/10/10 Global Work Party, which is taking place in 183 countries worldwide. The Chevron clean-up crews are highlighting the company’s unprecedented oil catastrophe in Ecuador and its continued obstruction of climate change initiatives here in California.

Crews split up this morning and headed out to every Chevron station in the city. Chevron stations will be temporarily “closed for oil spill clean up” as activists risk arrest by blocking all entrances to the pumps with giant banners and warning signs reading “Closed for cleaning due to oil spills and climate pollution,” while other activist physically clean up the stations.

As one of the world’s biggest climate culprits Chevron, California’s largest corporation, has come under heavy scrutiny recently for remaining neutral on California’s Proposition 23, which would overturn the state’s landmark climate bill (AB 32) and strike a blow to clean energy investments nationwide.

“Chevron gas stations are the public face of one of the largest and dirtiest oil companies,” said Maria Lya Ramos, campaign director at Rainforest Action Network. “Four days ago, Chevron CEO John Watson refused to comment on Prop 23. Remaining silent on Prop 23 only reaffirms Chevron’s obstructive stance toward clean energy solutions in California. Chevron would rather watch from the sideline than help California lead the way toward a clean energy economy.”

On top of obstructing climate solutions, Chevron is also responsible for the world’s biggest oil disaster where they dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic waste-water and left over 15 million gallons of crude oil in Ecuador’s rainforest.

“In order to get to work on climate solutions, we must confront the polluters who have made it their business to obstruct climate legislation and keep the country dangerously addicted to fossil fuels,” said Rebecca Tarbotton, the executive director of Rainforest Action Network. “From California to Ecuador, Chevron is recklessly polluting communities, fighting regulation and standing in the way of the clean energy future we need and want.”

See you at the stations! Check back all day for live updates from our clean up crews.