Join RAN on 10/10/10 and Demand Chevron Get to Work!

posted by Rainforest Action Network

On 10/10/10, RAN is joining our friends at, thousands of people around the world, and you for a global work party. 

We’re going to inspire our leaders, and even some of the country’s dirtiest corporations, to get to work on the climate crisis.

In true RAN style, we’ll be targeting one of the country’s biggest and baddest corporations: Chevron. 

Join us on 10/10/10 to demand that Chevron get to work cleaning up its dirty oil pollution.

From Chevron’s pollution of communities living near its Richmond, California refinery, to the oil waste it is still fighting tooth and nail not to clean up in Ecuador’s rainforest, Chevron is a danger to people’s health and the climate. With your help on 10/10/10, RAN will take over Chevron gas stations across the country to show this reckless polluter how to get to work and clean up its act.

We’ll provide you a toolkit to make it really easy. We need help delivering letters to station owners, passing out fliers to customers, holding banners, and doing “Clean Up Chevron” street theater! So grab your broom and the rest of your cleaning supplies because we’re going to need your help to stage mock-clean ups at stations nationwide.

Mike from Los Angeles is planning an electric vehicle demonstration at his local Chevron. The sky’s the limit on creative non-violent actions you can take to interrupt Chevron’s business as usual on 10/10/10.

Joining us on 10/10/10 is simple.

1 Sign-up and describe your action 

2 Tell your friends and neighbors to mark their calendars 

3 Head to your local Chevron on 10/10/10

4 Bring your “cleaning supplies” and a healthy dose of fun 

See you at the stations on 10/10/10!

We’ll see you at the stations!