Huzzah! Billionaires for Coal Party Down in Atlanta

posted by scott parkin

The Billionaires for Coal are busy these days. Making appearances in New York, North Carolina and now Atlanta over the past few weeks, they must be getting worried that the grassroots anti-coal climate movement is taking off.

In Atlanta the Billionaires held a cocktail party outside the “Climate Change: The Issue, Registries, Forestry Offsets & Strategies” Conference at the Wyndham Hotel in Midtown Atlanta on Friday, to celebrate the proposed construction of a new 850 MW coal-fired power plant by Power4Georgians.

Today, RAN rolled out Adopt a Branch. Billionaires are notorious for partying in solidarity with the corporate execs at Citi and Bank of America, I’m sure they will be adopting some bank branches of their own very soon.