Hey Citi, Coal is Over! Start Funding Wind and Solar!

posted by scott parkin

Today is Citi’s annual shareholders’ meeting. agm

It’s the day where the company executives give a report on the state of the company (which is pretty bad for Citi right now, $5.1 billion loss 9,000 more about to be laid off).

It’s also a day where we’re reminding Citi about how their investments in dirty energy will not go silent.

They are funding some of the dirtiest companies in the carbon intensive world. They fund coal from the cradle to the grave. Not only creating an investment friendly atmosphere for global warming, but also financing bombing campaigns and cultural genocide in Appalachia. agm

This morning, we had about 50 people show up to let Citi’s shareholders know what we thought about their funding of coal. Folks from Students for a Democratic Society, Theater of Social Change, Code Pink, the indigenous peoples conference at the UN and, of course, RAN NYC were out in force.

Check the pics here and here.

It was pretty fiery and visual. Lots of shareholders stopped took our lit and talked with us (many talked with Ed Wiley, ex-miner and campaigner to move Marsh Fork Elementary).


Inside the meeting, RAN’s Global Finance Campaign Director Rebecca Tarbotton and West Virginia resident Maria Gunnoe are speaking to a resolution on the floor calling for an end to the financing of coal.

Check for more pics, updates and video later.