Fortune Magazine/CNN Money calls out the problem with palm oil

posted by Josh Ran

You know you are doing something right when Fortune Magazine and CNN Money highlight your work. This week, Marc Gunther, a senior writer at Fortune, published this fabulous article : Eco-Police Find A New Target: Oreos.

The tagline says it all “Kraft Foods, Kellogg’s and other US food producers come under attack as demand for vegetable oil made from palm trees soars”.

In the article, they highlight RAN, the Stickering Day of Action , and the amazing work that you all did in sticking the “Warning: May Contain Rainforest Destruction” stickers on products that contain palm oil. They also tie it back to the real do-badders: ADM, Bunge, and Cargill.

And this information is reaching those who really need to know- the business people who can make the decision to stop including rainforest destruction in the foods and cosmetics they make.