By Christy Tennery-Spalding

When Rainforest Action Network launched our latest campaign, Out of Fashion, last September, few knew about the ugly secret hiding in beautiful clothes from luxury designers. Since then, thousands of activists have taken action urging companies to cut this destructive habit and lead on forests and human rights. From pledging not to buy rainforest destruction for the holidays, to stickering the tags of big name clothing brands, RAN supporters are calling on the Fashion 15 to eliminate destruction from their supply chains and be leaders on forest protection.

This week, we’ve got a huge opportunity to help end deforestation and human rights abuses for fabric production, and we need your help.

This week is Fashion Week in New York, a time where the biggest luxury designers in the world come together to show off their new collections. It’s a big deal in the fashion world, and that makes it a key moment for our Out of Fashion Campaign. We need to make absolutely sure that part of the discussion and buzz around Fashion Week this year is not just about who’s wearing or showing what, but about how to avoid the devastating impacts that the production of rayon and other fabrics and clothing produced from wood fiber in the form of dissolving pulp is having on  forests and communities in places like Indonesia, Canada and Brazil.

Sign here and demand that clothing’s luxury brands lead the way on deforestation and exploitation-free fabric.

The impacts of fabrics made from dissolving pulp, made by companies like Royal Golden Eagle Group’s Sateri Ltd., have gone under the radar for years. It’s time for the world’s most fashionable brands to pay attention and be leaders. Luxury fashion shouldn’t come at the price of land stolen from Indigenous Peoples and the loss of endangered forests. Demand that high fashion not only sets the trends for style, but that it also demonstrates leadership on environmental and social issues in the materials it uses.

Add your voice. Together, we can move the fashion industry forward.

Want to double your impact right now? A small group of committed activists will be jamming fashion companies by taking action on social media all Fashion Week. We’ll be sending an email with a new target each day, so 6 quick actions total. Are you willing to join our group of rapid responders? Click here to join the fun.