Video: A Dozen Youth Leaders Flash Mob Hollister Store

posted by Ethan Nuss

Young people aren’t buying it.

A dozen youth leaders did a flash mob at a Hollister store in Detroit to demand it use rainforest-free fabrics in its clothing.

Watch the flash mob action video:

Hollister—which is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch—has hundreds of items that use fabrics made from trees. This is a major risk for the fashion retailer because there may be rainforest destruction and human rights abuses hidden in Hollister’s clothing.

Join a real movement for rainforest-free fashionA&F’s Hollister makes much of its yearly profits by targeting young people in its back-to-school marketing. The company’s newest hashtag #HcoJeansMovement—a “movement” to get young people to buy more jeans—is an insult to youth movements that actually make the world a better place.

This youth-led action was part of the Power Shift Midwest conference that brought together hundreds of young climate and social justice leaders in Detroit for a weekend of real movement-building.

Join our real movement to get A&F’s Hollister to end rainforest destruction for fashion.