Dr. Oz Responds to the Pressure, But Doesn’t Go Far Enough To Correct His Mistake

By Rainforest Action Network

Thanks to the 14,430 (and counting) of you who signed the petition we created along with Orangutan Outreach, Dr. Oz has begun to tell his viewers the full story about palm oil—on his blog.

But he hasn’t done enough. According to news reports, Dr. Oz’s enthusiastic support for red palm oil inspired a buying frenzy. We have to keep up the pressure and push Dr. Oz to correct the enormity of his error by issuing a retraction on The Dr. Oz Show.

The Dr. Oz Show currently ranks as one of the highest-rated daytime programs in recent history, so getting any response from Dr. Oz is a big success. But it’s imperative that he fill his viewers in on the disastrous environmental impact of palm oil production, which is devastating the rainforests of Indonesia and driving endangered species like the orangutan to extinction.

Can you send a message to Dr. Oz telling him to issue a correction about palm oil ON THE AIR? Even if you’ve signed this petition already, you can sign again. We’ve tweaked the language to include our demand that Dr. Oz issue a retraction on his show, not just on his little-read blog.

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This International Business Times headline says it all: “Red Palm Oil Touted By Dr. Oz As A Diet Miracle Could Lead To ‘War On Orangutans’.”

Please sign (or re-sign) the petition to Dr. Oz now.