Dawn of the Climate Dead

posted by scott parkin

Last Friday on Halloween, zombies converged on coal financing banks in Boston, Asheville, Johnson City, TN and other cities. The zombies gave Bank of America and Citi a vision of the future if they don’t stop financing dirty coal plants and mountaintop removal.

From the Zombies’ press release:

“Bank of America and Citibank are top investors in coal. Ravenous coal companies, funded billions of dollars by these banks, are literally blowing the tops off of mountains throughout Appalachia to extract seams of coal. Nearly 500 mountains have been decapitated, and over 1200 miles of rivers and steams have been buried with debris and toxic waste. Associated floods, landslides, and explosions have driven communities from their homes while destroying surrounding ecosystems. Burning coal is the nation’s top source of air pollution and toxic mercury, and is responsible for one-third of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. Despite all of this, more than 150 new coal-fired power plants are in various stages of development around the country. If completed, these plants would have a total effect equivalent to doubling the number of cars on our roads. Meanwhile, our government is relaxing laws in order to allow for even more coal mining.”