Child Labor and Worker Exploitation: A Bad Investment

By Ginger Cassady

Delays and inaction. That is all we’ve seen from PepsiCo for the past four years as Rainforest Action Network and our allies have continued to confront PepsiCo with the devastating consequences of its massive use of Conflict Palm Oil.


Two years of field investigations continue to show PepsiCo turning a blind eye to child labor, worker exploitation, land rights violations and the destruction of critical rainforest, including Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem. The Leuser is the last place on Earth where Sumatran elephants, rhinos, tigers and orangutans live together in the wild. This destruction continues each day in the operations of its business partner Indofood and its top suppliers.

Today I attended PepsiCo’s shareholder meeting in New Bern, North Carolina to demand CEO Indra Nooyi lead PepsiCo down an aggressive new path to end the company’s use of Conflict Palm Oil. I asked Ms. Nooyi and PepsiCo to adopt the People and Planet Before Profits Agenda, outlined in RAN’s latest report.


PepsiCo needs to know that thousands of us stand united in calling for an end to the destruction – and corporate profiteering – from the destruction of the world’s most precious places and the exploitation of workers and children. Add your voice -demand Pepsi take action to protect people and the planet instead of its profit margins!