Chevron in Ecuador: A Defining Moment (VIDEO)

By Rainforest Action Network

Our friends over at Amazon Watch put together this incredible video (narrated by Peter Coyote) about the historic victory scored by the Indigenous and rural Ecuadoreans suing Chevron for its massive oil contamination in the Amazon. After denying justice to the Ecuadorean plaintiffs for nearly 20 years, Chevron was finally found guilty — but the company has vowed never to pay to clean up its mess.

It’s more important than ever that we all stand up to Chevron and demand justice for the Ecaudorean plaintiffs. Please watch and share this video with everyone you can.

[youtube 6xm8b4TTin4 550]

If you want to do even more, join the cause to “Bring 30,000 Ecuadorian voices face-to-face with Chevron to demand justice for destroying the Amazon” and consider making a donation to support the delegation of Ecuadoreans traveling to Chevron’s annual shareholder meeting on May 25th.