Capitol Climate Action is Hot Hot Hot!

posted by scott parkin

The Capitol Climate Action on March 2 in Washington D.C. is looking good these days, really good.

Momentum has been building and we’re seriously seeing the effects of our organizing and outreach take root. We have organizers in communities and on campuses all over the country working to bring people to Washington D.C. to participate in this historic event. Non-violence and peace-keeper trainings are happening from coast to coast. Phone-banking, emailing, social networking and just good old pounding the pavement are being utilized to make this the most kick ass mass global warming direct action in U.S. history.

Some highlights from our recent work:

*Media. Yesterday, the Capitol Climate Action’s first press release went out with a statement by climatologist James Hanson. Lots of major media are taking great interest in this story. Watch for more, it’s only going to get better.

*Blogosphere. The blogosphere has heated up with Capitol Climate Action. It’s popped up on Wall St. Journal blog, Watthead, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, SF Chronicle and Treehugger.

*Facebook Day of Action. On February 3, we had the Capitol Climate Facebook Day of Action that resulted in 42,000+ invitations being sent and quadrupling the number of “Yes” and “Maybe” responses to attending the action. During the course of Day of Action, we broke Facebook. We ARE that HOT.

*Global Exchange’s Train. Our organizing partners at Global Exchange have decided to travel to the Capitol Climate Action via train. Both to emphasize the kind of transportation grid we should be using and to reconnect and connect with friends, old and new. They are also going to be preparing for the action.

*New Website. Our website has new images and resources to better promote the Capitol Climate Action and provide organizing resources. Go to it and get involved. NOW.

*More and more endorsers. Over 55 organizations have now endorsed. Our coalition is diverse. It includes Appalachian and southwest coalfield groups, faith groups, big, mid-size and small enviros, groups fighting coal plants in their backyards, student groups, peace groups, radical environmentalists, social justice and lots more. There’s also an ever growing list of individuals endorsers as well. Check out the full list here.

Like I said the Capitol Climate Action is Hot Hot Hot! We’re going to make history with the largest civil disobedience on global warming in U.S. history. want to get involved? It’s not too late. Go to or just show up to Spirit of Justice Park in Washington D.C. at 1pm on March 2.