Adopt a Bank Branch and Join the Coal Finance Campaign Today

By scott parkin

Want to do something about the climate crisis, but not sure what to do?

Don’t think that changing your light bulbs or driving a hybrid is enough? Far from the target-rich environment of a coalfield or a coal plant?

If you don’t live in Appalachia, the American Southwest or in coal-plant-affected areas, Rainforest Action Network’s Global Finance Campaign provides you with a unique way to fight Big Coal: FOLLOW THE MONEY and ADOPT A BANK BRANCH TODAY!

The two biggest financiers of coal are Citi and Bank of America. These banks have branches and other businesses all across the United States. They depend on a customer base to provide capital to finance their earth-destroying friends in the coal sector (among others). Every local action and campaign against Citi and Bank of America is an action and campaign against the coal sector. You can campaign against them on your campus or in your neighborhood.


We’re calling on people concerned with the climate and communities impacted by the extraction and combustion of coal to “adopt” a local Bank of America and/or Citi branch. Once you’ve “adopted” your branch, or branches, it’s time to begin a local campaign of letter-writing, petitioning, leaf-letting, picketing, creative actions, and educating the branch manager, employees and customers.

This is a campaign that everyone can organize–Get Involved Here

Here’s some tips on how to start your own coal and coal finance campaigns.