A low-fat diet where potato chips don’t count

posted by Becky Ran

The world’s forests are a critical piece of the climate change puzzle. Covering over 30 percent of the Earth’s land surface, forests play a huge role in regulating weather patterns and absorbing the carbon that we release into the atmosphere. Not to mention, global deforestation is a huge contributor to climate change – emitting more carbon than all the world’s trucks, cars, trains and planes combined.

At the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen this December, governments need to Make Forests Count. Our friends up at CPAWS in Canada have made a great video explaining the issue.

[youtube OHsbSpmQ9Hg]

CPAWS is also running a petition asking Canada and the United States to:

  • Protect intact forests and wetlands;
  • Account fully for the carbon lost by cutting forests and destroying wetlands — accounting must be based on actual changes in emissions from the past.
  • Help developing countries to reduce deforestation and forest degradation while protecting Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

Think this is important? Go to makeforestscount.org and sign up today!