Our strategy works!
You moved Nestlé!

You did it! We pressured Nestlé to own up to its impacts on forests and communities! Now candymakers Mars, Mondelēz, and Ferrero MUST step up and follow suit!

Rights Abuses, Deforestation, and Climate Change

Procter & Gamble is linked to rights abuses, deforestation, and climate change: P&G this doesn’t look good! Here are 3 ways P&G is falling short and 1 thing you can do about it.

🦏 A New Sanctuary for Little Rhinos

Yay for World Rhino Day and a HUGE WIN for endangered Sumatran rhinos. A coalition—including major palm oil companies—has announced a NEW rhino sanctuary & breeding centre in Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem! Thanks to YOU!

Organizing During Crisis

People power has the potential to create monumental change– and this has never been more evident than now. Understanding how to organize safely during the recent crises has resulted in some of the most creative and collaborative movement building we’ve seen in recent times.

keep forests standing banner in rainforest

Keep Forests Standing: Brands and Banks Must Stop Deforestation

Brands and banks are responsible for driving the destruction of rainforests, the violation of human rights, our worsening climate crisis, and the extinction of entire species — all to make a quick profit from commodities like palm oil, soy, cocoa, pulp and paper, beef, and timber We must hold them to account and put an end to the devastation.

The Businesses Driving Deforestation

Some of the brands and products on our grocery store shelves are directly tied to rainforest destruction. The corporations making a profit from commodities like palm oil, pulp and paper, soy, cocoa, timber, and meat are causing deforestation around the world.

Peatland drainage and clearance for palm oil plantation expansion in the Singkil-Bengkung lowlands (Photo: Nanang Sujana)

Fires Week of Action 2020

We’ve teamed up with allies around the world to hit hard the brands and banks responsible for driving tropical deforestation and to support the communities directly impacted by this devastating destruction. Here are four ways you can help us stop the fires and put an end to the big business of burning, this week and beyond!