Shareholders send MUFG a stark climate warning

June 29, 2021: June 29, 2021: At its AGM today in Tokyo,  23% of shareholders issued a major climate warning to Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (“MUFG”) management by voting in…

SMBC Misses Critical Opportunity to be a Climate Leader

SMBC’s New Climate Policy Falls Well Short of Mizuho’s All Eyes Now on Largest Bank MUFG Tokyo – Today, Japan’s third-largest bank – Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMBC Group, TYO:…

Stop the Olympics from destroying the rainforests

RAN and our partners — TuK Indonesia and WALHI — have been investigating a giant logging and palm oil company called Korindo, which has been cutting down rainforests in Indonesia. Korindo’s timber supply chain extends into some of the most biodiverse tropical ecosystems in the world, including the home of the critically endangered Bornean orangutan.

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Rainforest defenders, torture and banks

What do human rights abuses, 2020 Olympics and banks have in common? Wrongfully arrested and tortured by police for defending their own land… These are just a couple of the unimaginable human tragedies we’ve discovered in the rainforests of North Maluku, Indonesia.

Broken Promises

Olympic authorities have violated their pledge to host a sustainable Olympics in 2020. Our joint investigation found Korindo wood used in the construction of Olympic venues from the same mill linked to destruction of orangutan habitat and large-scale conversion of tropical rainforests.