Communities Speak Out Against Coal Plants

This morning, the EPA announced limits on carbon pollution from power plants. That’s a welcome step in fighting climate change—and it wouldn’t have happened without communities speaking out against coal plants….

Cliffside Coal Plant: An Example of What NOT to Fund

Cliffside is a small town in southern North Carolina with a huge coal plant owned by utility giant Duke Energy at its center. Activists from around the southeast have organized…

44 Arrested at Duke Energy’s Headquarters

Community members engage in civil disobedience to prevent the construction of coal fired facility. This morning, the Cliffside Climate Action brought hundreds to Duke Energy’s headquarters in Charlotte North Carolina…

44 Arrested Protesting Cliffside Coal Plant

A few hours ago hundreds of protesters converged on the headquarters of Duke Energy in Charlotte NC to demand a stop to the construction of the Cliffside Coal-fired power plant….

North Carolinians Act against Coal

Activists across North Carolina took action against Bank of America’s dirty coal financing. In the early hours of commuter traffic, Raleigh commuters encountered banners at key thoroughfares – reminding them…