No New Fossil Fuel Projects: Halt Pipelines and Terminals

Indigenous and frontline activists are leading the fight against fossil fuel infrastructure threatening their communities, habitat and the climate. We could be on the road to a new energy future if we simply redirect the money slated for fossil fuels into sustainable alternatives. Big banks need to stop investing in dirty fossil fuels, violating Indigenous rights, polluting sacred waterways, and destroying the global climate, and start funding the future.

Support Communities

Indigenous and frontline communities suffer disproportionate impacts to their health, livelihoods, and culture from the effects of global climate change and from destructive and invasive extractive industries. Our work will have the greatest impact when it is in partnership and following the leadership of local communities. That’s why we try to provide direct support for and work in solidarity with frontline and Indigenous communities.

Offshore Drilling: Guyana

Guyana, a small South American country with less than one million people, is a newcomer to oil production at a time when the world must move away from fossil fuels….

Expansion: Amazon Oil

Despite widespread concern over the vulnerability of the Amazon rainforests, four companies (Andes Petroleum, GeoPark, Frontera, and Amerisur) are actively pushing to expand fossil fuel extraction deep into the western…

Coal Mining: Turów Mine

PGE (Polska Grupa Energetyczna) is the largest producer of electricity and heat in Poland, 91% of which it derives from burning coal. PGE’s plans to develop Europe’s deepest lignite mine…