Top 10 Dirty Corporate Tax Dodgers of 2011

Two weeks ago it was announced that the U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the world sparking furious debate from Fox News types concerned about corporate well being….

Activists Shine A Light On Washington Coal Ports

Holy Coal Hard Truth, Batman! This week, I’ve been riding around the streets of Seattle with a guerrilla projection team. We’ve been shining a massive Bat Signal-like light on iconic…

Coal Export Madness Spreading to Oregon

Coal companies are bound and determined to get that dirty black rock out of the Powder River Basin and send it over to Asian markets to line their pockets. While…

Corporate Tax Dodgers: The Dirtiest Dozen

Co-authored by Matt Leonard Billionaire real estate investor and legendary tax evader Leona Helmsley famously said: “Only the little people pay taxes.” It turns out Helmsley was all too right….

EPA Issues Historic Veto on Arch Coal’s Spruce Mine

Excellent news this morning from Washington DC! Today, the EPA announced that they are vetoing the Clean Water Act permit for Arch Coal’s Spruce No. 1 Mine in Logan County,…