Rainforest Action Network invites you to REVEL in the Rainforest

October 3, 2019
6:00 – 10:00 pm
Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco

This year’s theme, REVEL in the Rainforest, takes us back to our roots. For years, RAN has been connecting the dots between forest destruction, human rights and climate change. We see new proof of this crisis every day, from the UN’s report on climate change to the UN’s report on species extinction, from extreme weather events to extremist politicians, from communities in peril from corporate greed — and forest protection is always one of the core solutions.

Join us and REVEL in celebrating the future we will create. Together we can make a difference for people and planet!

Tickets on sale now – Get yours before they sell out!

Sponsorships available starting at $2,500. Contact Emily Selzer at emily@ran.org for more information.

All expenses for this year’s event are underwritten by RAN’s Board of Directors – so every dollar donated goes straight to our work in the field.

Special thanks to our Co-Chairs, Sponsors and Host Committee!


Ibrahim & Sarah Al Husseini ✴ Katie LaFleur


Ibrahim & Sarah Al Husseini ✴ Allan Badiner ✴ Mimi & Peter Buckley ✴ André Carothers ✴ Jeff Chartrand ✴ Nancy Heselton & Jeff Clements ✴ Amy Roth & Bob Epstein ✴ Jodie Evans ✴ The Ferrari Family, in memory of Justin Ferrari ✴ Pam Polite Fisco & Dennis Fisco ✴ Jim & Suzanne Gollin ✴ Anna Hawken ✴ Kristin Hull ✴ Bruce & Dasa Katz ✴ Leslie Berriman & Nion McEvoy ✴ Panta Rhea Foundation ✴ Scott & Patty Price ✴ Nancy & Richard Robbins ✴ Cynthia Beard & Gary Roland ✴ Marsha Rosenbaum ✴ Zachary Siegel ✴ Steve Silberstein ✴ Paula Hawthorn & Michael Ubell

Host Committee

Celia Alario ✴ Andrew Behar ✴ Joshua Fouts ✴ Levana Saxon & Casey Harrell

Thank you to everyone who REVELed with us in 2018!