Publisher’s Weekly: Asia Pulp and Paper Tries to Recast Its Image

‘The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) has been one of APP’s most vocal critics. Lafcadio Cortesi, of RAN, said that though APP has made important improvements in its environmental and social commitments, “It still has a long way to go.” He noted that APP has stopped clearing and using natural rain forests for pulp and paper, even putting additional staff and systems in place to implement reforms, but it has yet to address ongoing land conflicts and the harmful legacy of past operations. “The willingness to undertake reform that senior management has displayed has, in many cases, yet to be reflected in the field,” Cortesi said. “Given APP’s history of broken commitments and the enormity of the challenges that still remain, the company must verify that substantial changes have indeed taken place on the ground in order to avoid its products being considered controversial and high risk in the marketplace.”’