We Cannot Criminalize Dissent

In response to the Georgia Attorney General bringing sweeping racketeering charges against protestors and activists, Rainforest Action Network Deputy Executive Director Njambi Good issued the following statement:

“In bringing sweeping RICO charges against more than 60 activists opposing the $90 million, 85-acre police training facility in Atlanta known as Cop City, the Georgia Attorney General has taken a dangerous step toward criminalizing the fundamental right to protest.

Following the earlier overbroad application of domestic terrorism charges against protestors, this latest ploy to use laws intended to curb racketeering and organized crime is another transparent and distressing attempt to intimidate opposing voices into silence.

Instead of prioritizing the greater militarization of police we need to prioritize community-based conflict resolution and restoring the health, safety and trust between communities and law enforcement.

Protest and civil disobedience have been critical to creating positive social change in this country. These pillars of our civil society must be protected.”