RAN Statement on the Trump Administration and the Paris Climate Accord

“The Trump administration’s decision to pull out of the groundbreaking Paris Climate Accord is as unsurprising as it is ignorant.

Flying in the face of all credible science on climate change, this decision threatens to return the United States to the age of choking smog, flammable lakes, and a regressive and hopeless energy infrastructure.

Nearly every decision from this administration has prioritized shortsighted corporate profits over human rights, Indigenous rights, civil rights and the future of our forests, our climate and our planet. From gutting public education to privatized prisons to stripping away environmental regulations to maximize fossil fuel profits, this administration has been one long demonstration of naked greed and corporate giveaways.

Rainforest Action Network has been challenging corporate power for more than 30 years — and we will continue to fight for people and planet no matter where that fight takes us.”

Lindsey Allen

Executive Director 

Rainforest Action Network