Fighting for People
& Planet

RAN's Mission, Vision & Values


Rainforest Action Network preserves forests, protects the climate and upholds human rights by challenging corporate power and systemic injustice through frontline partnerships and strategic campaigns.


RAN works toward a world where the rights and dignity of all communities are respected and where healthy forests, a stable climate and wild biodiversity are protected and celebrated.


Fighting for People and Planet

We are committed to doing what is necessary, not only what is considered politically feasible, to preserve rainforests, protect the climate, and uphold human rights.

By a 2 to 1 margin, Americans would pay more for energy if it would curb climate change.

Respect and Integrity

Our commitment to fairness and equity demands that we treat each other, fellow activists, and community partners with honesty, respect and dignity and that we are accountable to these relationships.

Rainforest Action Network has developed and constantly revises our Guidelines for Working with Indigenous Peoples and Frontline Communities.

Indigenous and Frontline Partnerships

We are committed to working with Indigenous communities and frontline communities directly impacted by profit-driven systems of injustice. We support the leadership of these communities in working on strategic and effective solutions to protect people and the planet.

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RAN has provided funding to over 300 frontline communities, in nearly 40 countries across 6 continents.
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People Power

We believe creativity, integrity and people power drive the success in our campaigns and in our organization; while compassion, irreverence, and a celebration of life’s possibilities drive the commitment to our mission.


The number of people who have taken action with us on our Conflict Palm Oil campaign alone.
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Racial Justice

We believe racial inequity underpins systemic injustice and we are committed to incorporating a racial justice analysis into our programs and operations to challenge that inequity.

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In the 3 mile radius around the country’s 12 most polluting coal plants, 76% of residents are people of color.

Traditional and Indigenous Peoples

We support Traditional and Indigenous Peoples’ rights, including the right to sovereignty, self-determination, reparations and the right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) regarding decisions implicating customary rights on traditional lands.


of the carbon stored in tropical forests is in Indigenous forests.

Wildness and Biodiversity

We honor the intrinsic value of biodiversity and wildness. We recognize our interdependence with healthy natural systems and seek to maintain the integrity, richness and abundance of life in all its forms.

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At 2% of land mass, rainforests are home to 50% of the Earth’s plants and animals.

Systemic Change

We are a collaborative organization that challenges corporate power and exposes institutional systems of injustice in order to drive positive systemic change.

RAN pressure tactics convince large corporations, like Disney, to develop policies to end their involvement in rainforest destruction.

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