PT. Tualang Raya Continues To Destroy Elephant Habitat In Breach of Moratorium

GPS: 4°46’01.57″N, 97°31’15.26″E–Field investigations have once again confirmed active clearance of lowland rainforests by PT. Tualang Raya for a new palm oil plantation.

For nearly two years, Rainforest Action Network has documented the destruction of the world’s best remaining habitat for the critically endangered Sumatran elephant by this rogue actor. Satellite imagery shows that over 130 hectares have been cleared since the announcement of a moratorium on the clearance of forests for palm oil by the President of Indonesia. A fire hotspot was also recorded in May 2017. PT. Tualang Raya’s ongoing violation of the Indonesian government’s moratorium warrants immediate intervention by the President of Indonesia, and the newly elected governor of Aceh. PT. Tualang Raya’s permit should be revoked to halt its plans for further expansion. 

Critically important lowland rainforests have been destroyed by PT. Tualang Raya for palm oil, Aceh Timur, Indonesia.

PT. Tulalang Raya is not currently selling palm oil fruits, but it intends to in the future. The biggest buyers from the region––Wilmar, Golden Agri Resources, Musim Masmust adopt a permanent no buy policy from this company given its ongoing breach of their “No Deforestation” policies and work with governments and communities to deliver the protection of the lowland rainforests of the Leuser Ecosystem. Major brands including PepsiCo continue to drive this senseless destruction of rainforests for Conflict Palm Oil. All brands must enforce a moratorium on forest destruction in their supply chains, including all palm oil refineries sourcing from the Leuser Ecosystem. Find more information and take action here.


Clearance of rainforests by PT. Tualang Raya for palm oil, Aceh Timur, Indonesia. May 2017.



Satellite image showing a hotspot in the PT. Tualang Raya concession. May 2017.