On March 31st 2020, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) published a report titled “Keep Forests Standing: Exposing Brands and Banks Driving Deforestation.” In advance of its publication, RAN contacted the brands, banks and forestry and agribusiness companies named in the report to notify them of the launch of a new campaign that would call on each company to be part of the solution to end deforestation, human rights violations and the climate crisis.

A number of responses to the letters issued were received and meetings have already been held with some of the recipients. Assessments shown in Table 1 and Table 2 of the report were updated to reflect the latest published data. Table 1 highlighted the global influence of each brand and bank; their exposure through sourcing, investments, and financing to specific forest-risk commodity supply chains; risks of associations with deforestation and human rights abuse; and if they have responded to the growing global concerns through the publication of NDPE policies and disclosure of their forest footprint. Table 2 summarized the influence, beneficiaries and ongoing exposure of each forestry or agribusiness corporate group on/to deforestation and human rights violations in their operations and/or forest-risk commodity supply chains.

Summaries of responses received before and after publication are linked, or outlined, below:

Nestlé Response

APRIL of the Royal Golden Eagle Group’s Response

Wilmar International’s Response

Golden Agri Resources of the Sinar Mas Group’s Response

Asia Pulp and Paper of the Sinar Mas Group’s Response



Report Table 1 for reference (click image for detail):



Report Table 2 for reference (click image for detail):