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Since 1993, RAN's Protect-an-Acre program (PAA) has distributed more than one million dollars in grants to more than 150 frontline communities, Indigenous-led organizations, and allies, helping their efforts to secure protection for millions of acres of traditional territory in forests around the world.

Protect An Acre (PAA) grants support grassroots leadership and local organizations in forest regions to protect threatened forest lands and to protect the human rights of communities that have co-existed with and depended on these regions for generations.

These grants are critical to help local activists regain control of an sustainably manage traditional territories. With your support, grassroots organizations can launch successful land title initiatives, create powerful community education programs, develop sustainable economic alternatives and build lasting grassroots resistance to destructive industrial activities.

Since it began in 1993, RAN’s PAA program has distributed more than one million dollars in grants to more than 200 frontline communities and Indigenous-led organizations to protect millions of acres of forests around the world. PAA is core to RAN’s commitment to supporting the livelihoods and right to self-determination of forest communities, promoting safe and respectful labor rights, and fighting against human rights abuses frequently associated with logging, pulp and paper mills, mining and other extractive industries.

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Supporting Local Leaders

PAA grants are typically $5,000 or less, and they are targeted to regain control of and sustainably manage traditional territories. These grants are critical for local activist campaigns such as launching land title initiatives, creating community education programs, developing sustainable economic alternatives and building grassroots resistance to destructive industrial activities.

PAA is a direct alternative to “buy-an-acre” programs that seek to provide rainforest protection by buying tracts of land.  Too often, those programs fail to address the priorities and rights of local Indigenous peoples. Also, uninhabited forest areas often go unprotected, even if purchased through a buy-an-acre program. It is not uncommon for loggers, oil and gas companies, cattle ranchers and miners to illegally extract resources from areas “protected” by these programs.

At the heart of PAA lies RAN’s firm belief that traditional forest communities are the best stewards of the land — because their way of life depends upon the health of their environment. Recent studies add to the growing body of evidence that Indigenous peoples are better protectors of their forests than governments or industry.

With your support, we can create a stronger global movement to protect our planet.

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Movimento Munduruku

PAA grants supported the demarcation and monitoring of the Sawré Muybu territory of the Munduruku people, the last large un-demarcated swath of Munduruku territory in the Tapajos Basin, a jewel of the Amazon and home to an incredible array of plant and animal biodiversity that is threatened by Brazil’s plans to build 3 major dams.

Peruvian Federation of Achuar Nationalities — FENAP

RAN’s grants program supported an advocacy delegation to Iquitos, Peru of elected leaders, elders, youth and women representing the Achuar people of Peru’s Pastaza river basin to request that the Peruvian state annul the Block 64 oil concession for having created in violation of the Achuar people’s right to prior consultation and to submit paperwork for land title recognition for the entire Achuar ancestral territory, which would help secure the long-term rainforest protection.

Yayasan Wahana Bumi Hijau (WBH)

This grant supported the monitoring of Asia Pulp and Paper’s implementation of its social and environmental commitments and work with communities to both help resolve ongoing conflicts as well as to prepare others that haven’t been impacted yet to enter into Free, Priori and Informed Consent processes related to APP’s OKI Pulp and Paper Mill, set to be the biggest paper mill in Asia and potentially impacting over 750,000 hectares and 11 villages.

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