The Problem

The science couldn’t be more clear. According to the latest UN climate report, we have less than 11 years to cut global emissions in half.

We followed the money. The data revealed that JPMorgan Chase, time and time again, is by far the worst funder of fossil fuels and fossil fuel expansion –– by a wide margin. 

Since the Paris climate agreement, JPMorgan Chase’s $67 billion in finance for fossil fuel expansions is 68% higher than CitiBank, in distant second place. Clearly put, Chase is the world’s worst banker of climate change and we won’t back down until we stop them.

The Solution

Global Banks must defund climate change.

We are demanding basic moral and financial responsibility from Chase. We demandChase to #DefundClimateChange, respect #IndigenousRights and stop profiting off of climate chaos. It’s time to say NO MORE to Chase profiting off the climate emergency.

Chase is capable of changing course. Over RAN’s history, we’ve seen massive corporations and banks shift gears to projects that put people and planet over profit. Not only can they do it, this is what needs to be done in order to ensure a livable future. But they won’t move without pressure, and that’s where YOU come in.

Take Action

JPMorgan Chase can make the choice to bankroll a liveable climate and a better future. A future free of fossil fuels projects that violate Indigenous rights, lead to destructive deforestation and create climate chaos.

Join us and demand that JPMorgan Chase stop funding climate change!