An international coalition of environmental and human rights groups is calling on hundreds of global brands and traders to drop their ties to controversial palm oil supplier IOI Group.

The palm oil industry’s certification body, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), recently withdrew its sustainability certification from the problematic company amidst documented complaints of deforestation and the draining and burning of peatlands. Over the past years documented labor and human rights abuses on IOI Group-owned plantations have also gone unaddressed. IOI Group responded to the RSPO suspension with outright denial and a lawsuit against the RSPO.

The coalition is calling on global brands and palm oil traders to publicly confirm if they have dropped IOI and have also outlined actions that must be taken by the company prior to it being reconsidered as a supplier.

Click here to review the full letter: Civil Society Recommendations To Brands and Traders Regarding The Cancellation of IOI Group as a Global Supplier Of Palm Oil

Rainforest Action Network and the following coalition of NGO’s from around the world are calling for real reforms of IOI, one of the most controversial suppliers in a highly controversial industry: