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WatchRAN: 30 Years

RAN’s theory of change is built right into our name. We identify the biggest problems, we find the right targets, and we take action.

In 1985, Randy “Hurricane” Hayes and Mike Roselle knew that if we wanted to make a difference for the planet, we had to go big. So RAN pioneered the corporate campaigning model. We target the biggest players— like Home Depot, Citicorp, or Chevron. We make big statements — like dropping banners in Union Square or shutting down a coal plant. And then we get them to the negotiating table — and the real work begins.

“RAN is the only organization that I know that works in the intersection of three different issues: preserving the rainforest, protecting the climate and defending human rights through the lens of corporate accountability”  

Van Jones

CNN political contributor, founder of Green for All & author of Rebuild the Dream

Honest and effective partnerships with Indigenous and frontline communities.

At RAN, we know that the best solutions for preserving ecosystems come from the communities that depend on them. Building lasting relationships and developing working partnerships is not only the right thing to do, but it is vital to achieving our mission. That’s why we have a long history of Community Action Grants, directly supporting activists across the globe — from South America to Africa, and from Appalachia to Southeast Asia.

“Some of the most savvy environmental agitators in the business.”

Wall Street Journal

We tackle some of the biggest problems of the 21st century — climate change, extreme fossil fuel extraction, massive deforestation and rampant labor abuse. But we don’t target one company at a time. We target whole industrial sectors.
We fight for systemic change because it’s not about what is possible — it’s about what is necessary.


Where is that burger really coming from?

In 1987, RAN wins its first campaign right out of the gate when Burger King agrees to cancel $35 million in cattle contracts that tear up Central American rainforests.


The New Alliance:

RAN was on the frontlines at the 1999 Seattle WTO Protests bringing together one of the earliest and strongest coalitions of labor, environmentalists and social justice advocates in the United States. 

From the start, our strategy is clear. We know that we have an incredible role as consumers to identify the biggest culprits of climate change, human rights violations, and rainforest destruction, and we can tarnish their reputation if we come together.


Disney is the biggest publisher of children’s books in the world.

After direct RAN campaigning and 18 months of negotiations, they agreed to a worldwide policy to eliminate rainforest destruction not just from their book, but from all Disney paper products across the globe.


Bank of America had the dubious title of being the number one funder of coal mining.

When we told them we wanted them to stop funding coal, they laughed. After four years of pressure and constant negotiations, they became the first bank in the world to publicly exit the coal mining sector.

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RAN directly supports organizations working on forest preservation and the community impacts of climate change. You can find out more and directly help support these organizations today.

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You’ve heard of David and Goliath?
Our corporate targets sure have. 
RAN defies the notion that a small group of people cannot take on the biggest corporations. We have the track record to prove the doubters wrong.


Millions of people see this iconic PepsiCo sign in New York every day.

Unfortunately, PepsiCo has become an icon of rainforest destruction and labor exploitation. In 2016, our network of activists dropped a 100 foot Cut Conflict Palm Oil banner on this sign to let Pepsi know that cheap snack foods are not worth orangutan extinction, burning forests and climate catastrophe.

Together, we can have a hugely outsized impact on the planet. Thirty years of thousands of feet on the ground and hands together, hundreds of calls to decision makers and signs in the air, and we’ve got plans for more.

We fight the big fights, we ask the big asks, and with you, we can win.