We are grateful for your donation and support of our organization. Refunds are only granted in exceptional circumstances, within 30 days of the donation date, and are returned using the original method of payment. A request for refund must be completed in writing. Refund will be executed within 30 days from the receipt of the email.

Some circumstances in which refunds might be granted include:

  • The donation was made in error, had an incorrect amount, or the selected charity was not that intended by the donor
  • The donation was not authorized by the donor
  • The donor’s circumstances have changed materially, for instance if the donation was made from the proceeds of a sale that was later canceled or refunded.

Recurring Donation Refunds

Donors have the option to give recurring or one-time donations. We are only able to refund donations from the 30 days before the date of the refund request. See Donation Refund Policy above.

International Donation Refunds (non-USD gifts)

Donors who give via a currency other than USD will receive the full transaction amount in the original currency. If the gift is over $5,000 USD, the original exchange rate will be researched via the Federal Reserve website (www.federalreserve.gov) to ensure the refund amount is as close as possible to the amount originally contributed. See Donation Refund Policy above.

Charitable Tax Status

If the donor has filed a tax return claiming a charitable deduction for the refunded gift, the donor is responsible for contacting their tax advisor to determine if their tax return needs to be amended.