Rainforest Action Network (RAN) is working towards ensuring that our words and actions support the inherent value and dignity of everyone. We view this as an on-going process of becoming more accountable to our allies, to our supporters, and to our own beliefs. We are committed to:

  • Working with the perspective that social, economic and environmental issues are interconnected and interdependent.
  • Understanding and learning about systems of oppression and challenging the power structures which support those systems and create injustices.
  • Examining the resources and privileges we have and utilizing them thoughtfully, respectfully, honestly and transparently.
  • Working with the principles of participatory democracy in our meetings and actions and recognizing that all people should have equal access to decision-making processes.
  • Taking responsibility for equalizing power and creating a space where all are encouraged to actively engage, listen, speak and act with respect.
  • Learning about the histories and struggles of impacted communities and other groups as told by them.
  • Working in solidarity with communities directly impacted by corporate power.
  • Prioritizing and building our relationships with impacted communities and a broad base of constituents across social, economic and political boundaries.
  • Becoming better allies by helping to build broad-based movements for environmental, social, and economic justice.
  • Listening to, learning from and amplifying the voices of our allies.
  • Supporting the Principles of Environmental Justice adopted by the Delegates to the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit (1991).

We, the staff, activists, and volunteers of RAN, commit ourselves to working together to embody the above-stated values. If you share these principles, we invite you to join us in fulfilling them.

These principles were adapted in large part from the Community Coalition for Environmental Justice’s Principles of Unity