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Friday, Apr 22 2016
Grim forecast for paper giant’s wood supply raises deforestation fears
Asia Pulp & Paper’s (APP) plans to operate a giant mill in South Sumatra later this year have raised some uncomfortable questions about the veracity...
Wednesday, Apr 20 2016
What Peabody’s Bankruptcy Reveals About the Coal Industry
“We see Peabody’s bankruptcy process as a critical test of the coal financing commitments at multiple banks,” Ben Collins (Read the full article here)
Wednesday, Mar 23 2016
Climate activists gear up to protest new oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
"Several national environmental organizations, including the Rainforest Action Network and community members, and indigenous rights groups plan a rally outside the site this Wednesday...
Wednesday, Mar 23 2016
Greens descend on Big Ease
"The marchers hope to spoil a Bureau of Ocean Energy Management offshore lease sale happening there.The action by several Gulf groups was organized by Rainforest...
Wednesday, Mar 23 2016
Gulf Coast Residents Crash Oil Lease Auction, Chanting ‘Shut It Down’
"There’s no great win for ‘keeping it in the ground’ without the Gulf of Mexico,” [RAN’s Virali] Modi-Parekh said. When it comes to that environmental...
Wednesday, Mar 23 2016
Obama Administration’s Plan To Expand Oil And Gas Drilling In Gulf of Mexico Draws Protests In New Orleans
"New Orleans is ground zero for climate change impacts and the fossil fuel industry,” said Virali Modi-Parekh, climate and energy communications manager at the Rainforest...
Wednesday, Mar 23 2016
Winning Gulf lease sale bids total $156 million, 4th lowest since 1983
"Hundreds of people have entered the auction,” Laurel Sutherlin, a strategist with Rainforest Action Network, said in a phone interview from inside the Superdome." -...
Sunday, Mar 20 2016
As Coal’s Future Grows Murkier, Banks Pull Financing
With much of the world committed to stabilizing the climate, we need the banks to follow quickly with measures to end coal financing altogether,” said...
Tuesday, Jan 19 2016
The Hill: We need more from Obama to fight climate change
"The president recently made a bold move to halt new coal leases on public lands, but the clock is ticking down faster — both on...
Tuesday, Dec 15 2015
Food Navigator: Sustainable palm-oil body slammed over slave labour auditing
"A coalition of international labour rights and environmental groups has questioned whether audits carried out by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) were robust...