• AlterNet: Big Fashion’s Dirty Secret: How Major Clothing Brands Are Destroying Rainforests
    "In the melee of entertainment coverage about what Hollywood A-Listers wore on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars, a major answer to the question of ‘who wore what?’ has been totally missed by the press. Would you believe one answer to that perennial question is...Rainforests?" READ THE...
    Sunday, Mar 1 2015

  • Mongabay: Forestry giant's zero deforestation commitment put to test
    "An independent audit of the world’s largest pulp and paper producer found that the company had achieved a wide range of results in meeting promises to end deforestation and resolve conflicts with forest communities.  In 2013 Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) announced its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP), which included a...
    Thursday, Feb 5 2015

  • ABC7 News: Bay Area Environmental Activists Blast PepsiCo's Use of Palm Oil
    "The demand for palm oil has exploded because it's cheap, the trees grow fast, and the oil does not contain trans fats. Some call it a miracle crop. But palm oil can have a dark side."It's connected to massive scale human rights violations and environmental destruction across the world," said...
    Friday, Jan 30 2015

  • Bloomberg Business: Activists Launch Parody Video Attack on Pepsi's Snack Pantry
    'PepsiCo's snack-food empire is under attack by satirical videos. It started earlier this month with a spoof video from the environment group SumOfUs, depicting a typical rom-com couple who meet cute by reaching for the last Doritos chip in a bowl. They proceed to have a Doritos-filled romance—breakfast in bed with Doritos cereal, a...
    Friday, Jan 23 2015

  • Tempo: NGO - APP Fails to Meet its' Own Commitment on Forestry Reform
    "A new report has revealed that Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) failed to meet its' social responsibility commitments as set out in its' Forest Conservation Policy, which sets out its’ commitment to reform its forestry practices and to address its legacy of land grabs and human rights violations, climate pollution,...
    Thursday, Jan 22 2015

  • Vice: Rogue Palm Oil Companies Continue to Destroy Indonesia's Forests
    "Widespread corruption and the absence of adequate law enforcement continue to enable deforestation in Indonesia, despite recent pledges from the world's largest agricultural corporations to halt forest clearing and a national moratorium on the issuance of new logging permits, according to a report from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)."
    Tuesday, Dec 30 2014

  • Fortune: Unilever, Cargill push to green their palm oil chain
    "The RAN investigation implicated 40 palm oil growers operating in an Indonesia conservation area that his home to endangered orangutans as well as Sumatran tigers, rhinos and elephants. One major crude palm oil mill was caught sourcing from these growers and three large traders also sourced from them. “At the...
    Wednesday, Dec 17 2014

  • Publisher's Weekly: Asia Pulp and Paper Tries to Recast Its Image
    'The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) has been one of APP’s most vocal critics. Lafcadio Cortesi, of RAN, said that though APP has made important improvements in its environmental and social commitments, “It still has a long way to go.” He noted that APP has stopped clearing and using natural rain...
    Friday, Dec 12 2014

  • Triple Pundit: Pepsi True Savaged on Amazon Over Palm Oil Controversy
    "Less than two months ago PepsiCo hyped a new soft drink product, Pepsi True, as an alternative to the high fructose corn syrupy sweet and artificially sweetened zero-calorie options the company has long pitched to consumers. This new drink, sweetened with stevia root, promised to be “a new kind of...
    Monday, Nov 24 2014

  • The Huffington Post: Efforts to End Deforestation Brings Together Strange Bedfellows
    "In 2007, the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) launched a campaign to persuade Cargill -- the largest exporter of palm oil into the US, and one of a handful of traders that dominate the industry -- to stop buying oil grown on newly cut forests and peatlands. When Cargill refused to...
    Friday, Nov 21 2014

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