Grants in Asia

$5,000 to support work with 5 villages in Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia to strengthen community management systems and values and help secure control and protection for over 40,000 acres of customarily-owned “village forest” through holding a series of meetings to reach collective decisions to develop and implement 35 year management plans that consider ecological, economic and social dimensions and provide for sustainable sources of income that reflect local cultural values.
Lati Tana Adat Takaa
$2,000 to help the Dayak Benuaq Indigenous Peoples of Muara Tae in Kalimantan, Indonesia to protect their customary rainforest land through the completion of participatory mapping of village areas as part of a process to secure a 4,000 hectare territorial claim, as well as advocating to stop ongoing and future encroachment by palm oil and mining companies.
$4,000 to support a series of capacity building workshops with local communities in Riau Province, Indonesia to protect peatland forests through the development of low carbon livilihoods that protect biodiversity and prevent high CO2 emissions, while providing just and prosperous sources of income, as an alternative to the devastation caused by the pulp and paper industry.
KONTAK Rakyat Borneo
$4,000 to carry out a two week field investigation in and around PT Indo Sawit Kekal, a Cargill subsidiary, to gather concrete evidence and documentation of its operations in violation of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil principles and criteria and Indonesian law, as well as establish a link between Sinar Mas plantations and Cargill mills.
Lestari Negeri
$2,500 to investigate and monitor palm oil producers Duta Palma and Wilmar Group in order to document the impact of palm oil plantations on Cerenti Indigenous peoples and the rainforest of the Riau province of Indonesia, which in conjunction with technical assistance, planning and consulting with communities will support a public campaign and the filing of legal complaints aimed at stopping continued expansion of palm oil plantations.