Stopping the KXL Pipeline

"When we fight, we win!"

That was RAN's message in November 2015, when the Keystone XL pipeline was finally rejected after a seven year battle to stop this environmental disaster. 

Keystone XL has always been about power: people power vs. the power of Big Oil. Against a tidal wave of business-as-usual corporate money funnelled to lobbyists and paid advertisements, an unprecedented coalition came together. It's important to remember that the KXL was considered a done deal — yet another rubber-stamped fossil fuel project. But when Congress supported the KLX, our movement pressured President Obama to issue only the third veto of his term.

The KXL victory is a testament to the power of grassroots organizing. It is the result of millions of people taking action to prioritize long term climate justice over short term corporate profit. From gathering petition signatures and making phone calls to hosting vigils, concerts and house parties, to engaging in direct action and principled arrests — communities rose up to stop this project. Nebraska landowners and indigenous activists participated in civil disobedience alongside long time environmentalists. Urban climate justice advocates worked with faith groups from the Midwest. People from all walks of life took a look at this this issue and decided to make it a referendum on the future of our country. 

People launched tree-sits in the piney woods of East Texas, they encircled the White House by the thousands and nearly one hundred thousand of you signed a Pledge of Resistance to use their bodies if necessary to stop business as usual if Obama indicated imminent approval.

And it is just the beginning of the newly invigorated climate movement.