Coal is the single largest source of human-caused global greenhouse gas emissions and the U.S. is the world’s second largest coal producer. Coal-fired energy generation damages cardiovascular and respiratory health and threatens healthy child development. To protect our climate and public health, we must decrease our country’s reliance on coal and challenge the powerful coal industry while building demand for a clean energy economy.

In the 21st century we should not be using this dangerous and outdated technology to power our homes, schools, hospitals and businesses. Coal mining, burning, and storage all carry significant risks to public health and to the climate. No bank or power utility should invest even one more dollar in coal.

Perhaps the most horrific form of coal mining is mountaintop removal (MTR), which obliterates mountains and poisons communities in Appalachia. In 2013, Barclays bank was the #1 financier of MTR coal worldwide. Demand that Barclays stop funding MTR. 


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  • commented 2015-05-14 06:51:31 -0700
    coal is very unhealthy, i agree
  • commented 2014-10-03 08:04:50 -0700
    coal is very unhealthy, while there is other clean and cheap energy out there, its really a crime to use coal for anything, and it should punished severely
  • commented 2014-07-27 08:42:45 -0700
    The EPA has had their teeth punched out by the fossil fuel industry since it was created to protect our environment. We must sue governments or developers (CEQA) in court if environmental documents are inadequate. Congress has tied up the EPA from the start. The EPA must be able to protect our environment more than ever before now that our habitats are being threatened by scientifically proven global warming.
  • commented 2014-07-26 07:06:04 -0700
    No more destruction.
  • commented 2014-07-26 06:39:16 -0700