Organizations Seek Stronger Labor Protections, Corporate Responsibility in Palm Oil Industry

Unprecedented coalition of human rights and environmental groups release recommendations for companies to eradicate labor abuses in supply chain Washington, D.C. – The growing global demand for palm oil has contributed to systemic human rights abuses of workers, including children, and requires stronger labor protections throughout the industry’s supply chain. Today, an unprecedented and diverse alliance of international human rights and environmental organizations released Free and Fair Labor in Palm Oil Production: Principles and Implementation Guidance. This guide is the first of its kind and details comprehensive recommendations to implement fair labor practices in the palm oil sector....

Death of Community Member in Sumatra Places Asia Pulp and Paper’s Social Responsibility Commitments in Question

Indra's burial site. Photo by Walhi Rainforest Action Network (RAN) has recently learned of the tragic news that on Friday, February 27, 2015, Mr Indra Pelani, a resident of Lubuk Mandarsah village in Tebo district, Jambi Provine, Sumatra and a member of the Sakato Jaya Farmers’ Association, was found dead. According to local civil society groups and newspaper reports,  the security forces of Asia Pulp and Paper are reported to have resorted to the brutal beating, abduction and extra-judicial killing of Mr Indra Pelani a leader in the local farmers’ union.  RAN mourns...

PNC Bank Policy on Mountaintop Removal a Positive Step

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 2, 2014 contact: Claire Sandberg, 646-641-6431, Today PNC Financial Services Group joined the growing ranks of financial institutions that have officially sanctioned the coal mining practice known as mountaintop removal (MTR.) Citing concerns about the environmental and health impacts of MTR, as well as financial risks, PNC pledged to no longer extend credit to individual MTR mining projects or to firms with 25 percent or more of their production coming from MTR. Rainforest Action Network (RAN), which has for years worked to push the financial sector to disavow MTR, hailed the new PNC policy as a positive indication that MTR is increasingly seen as being unbankable. “PNC took a big step in the right direction today by acknowledging the serious health and environmental impacts of mountaintop removal, and by committing to reduce its exposure to this toxic practice. We’ll be...

Guest Blog: Patrick Robbins, Sane Energy Project

The message below comes to you from Patrick Robbins, an ally and activist working to promote wind power for Long Island's energy future for the following petition. Sometimes you have a choice that’s just a no-brainer. Right now, Long Island is considering whether or not to lease part of the ocean off of its south shore for wind power. This area could generate up to 700 MW of energy for New York homes, and would be far enough offshore that most residents would never see it. The wind power companies are ready to go, and studies indicate that such a project would generate many thousands of jobs. Sounds great, right?  Here’s the thing—there’s also a liquefied natural gas (LNG) port being considered in the exact same location. This is Liberty Natural Gas’s Port Ambrose project, a dirty...

Quaker Oats: Not so wholesome after all

PepsiCo would have you believe that its brand Quaker Oats puts “wholesome goodness in everything we do.” We highly doubt that. That Quaker Oats Chewy Bar in your child’s lunch? Well, we’re not sure if its full of wholesome goodness, but it certainly may...

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Keystone XL Veto Means Nothing Without Final Rejection

  For immediate release: February 24, 2015 Following President Obama’s veto of Congressional pro-Keystone XL legislation, Rainforest Action Network Climate and Energy Program Director Amanda Starbuck issued the following statement: “We’re glad the president vetoed this cynical, politically-motivated stunt. However,...

RAN Slams Citigroup Over Greenwashing

Citigroup’s new clean energy commitment fails to reduce fossil fuel exposure In response to the announcement today of Citigroup’s five-year sustainability strategy and ten-year sustainability financing commitment, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) Climate and Energy Program Director Amanda Starbuck issued the following statement:

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