Time to Make Mountaintop Removal History

Already, over 500 historic mountains have disappeared, 2,000 miles of Appalachian rivers and drinking water have been poisoned and the health of countless families have been sacrificed to mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining.

On April 1, Lisa Jackson, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, announced strong new guidance on mountaintop removal permits, which, if applied rigorously, could prohibit most MTR operations and the resulting toxic dumping into streams and valleys.

It’s time to make mountaintop removal history. Take action today and ask EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to stand firm and reject all new MTR permits.

It is our job to make sure the EPA lives up to its strong new guidelines and does not cow to the influence of the coal industry, which is still attempting to blow up Appalachia’s mountains.

With your help we can hold the administration accountable to ensure MTR really ends in 2010.

Learn about some of the places that are under threat:

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From the cradle to the grave, coal is a risky business. Each stage in the life cycle of coal– extraction, transportation and combustion–presents increasing health, environmental, reputational, legislative and financial risks.
Ambre Energy and Peabody Energy are leading the push for west coast export terminals that would open the floodgates for a new coal market in Asia. Advocates for clean energy, the environment, and public health and safety have coalesced to oppose these ports on the beautiful Pacific Northwest coastline.