West Coast Convergence for Climate Justice & Action; September 18-21, 2009; Richmond, CA

posted by scott parkin

Last month, over 500 people marched and biked through the streets of Richmond to take direct action at the gates of Chevron’s Richmond refinery.


Now, we invite you to join community leaders of Richmond, CA and activists from around the country to spend 3 days learning, building, & preparing for action!

The 2009 West Coast Convergence for Climate Justice is a three-day training and movement-building convergence followed by a collective action on Monday, September 21st.

Join us to learn about climate change and climate politics, support local communities in their ongoing fights for climate justice, & build a stronger Climate Justice movement on the West Coast leading up to the international days of action on October 24th and November 30th and international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December.

Trainings and workshops at the convergence will include:

* Political education around climate justice
* Practical sustainability skills (traditional knowledge, local food systems, solar energy, etc.
* Direct action
* Media messaging
* Organizing and campaigning
* Movement building

Check out climateconvergence.org/west for the most updated schedule!

The Convergence will highlight the Richmond community’s climate justice struggle against Chevron. For more details, go here.

This Convergence is part of an annual series of climate camps all over the world. This year there will be camps in the UK, Australia, France, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, and the United States.

The Convergence is also the second in a series of events organized by the Mobilization for Climate Justice West, a network of environmental and social justice organizations organizing to generate “street heat” around climate justice in the lead-up to the international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December.

Registration is limited to 200, so apply today! For the detailed schedule visit and more info please visit http://climateconvergence.org/west.

For more details, contacts are:
Email: mcjbay@gmail.com, Phone: 510-550-2836